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RAGARoyal Australian Garrison Artillery
RAGARepublican Attorneys General Association
RAGARoots of Appalachia Growers Association (Trimble, OH)
RAGARichmond Art Gallery Association (Canada)
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A deputy spokesman for the armed opposition faction (SPLM-IO), Lam Paul Gabriel, said their forces intercepted a convoy "carrying weapons" between Wau and Raga town, allegations Sudan Tribune could not easily verify.
The White House and RAGA did not immediately respond to questions from MapLight.
For instance, we can find common features in Raga Desi Todi and Raga Naraini.
Formed in 2006, the name Raga Boyz was coined by none other than Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, their father.
A prized find from Talisay City, Cebu, Raga displayed powerful breaks and calculating counterplay to exact revenge over his openinground tormentor.
Tansen's ability to sing a raga at the prescribed time of the day or season is said to have induced lighting of lamps and showers of cooling rain in Emperor Akbar's court
Jasraj created a novel form of jugalbandi called Jasrangi that is styled on the ancient system of moorchhana, between a male and a female vocalist, who each sing different ragas at the same time.
The Raga Boyz have exhibited the range of their voices in this album and also the control that they can exercise over their vocal chords.
Raga Desh, for example, is usually associated with the monsoons, and songs based on this Raga are best enjoyed during the rains.
La Institucio Alfons el Magnanim ha publicado la monografia titulada "El regimen juridico de las ensenanzas musicales", cuya autora es Consuelo de los Reyes Marzal Raga, profesora de Derecho Administrativo de la Universidad de Valencia.
A note is a fluid thing that takes divine shape in a raga.