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RAGESRail Action Group, East of Scotland (UK)
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That it will be by the power of your naked bosoms, opposed to the rage of oppression
In every rage of wind and rush of rain, I heard pursuers.
Thus did he vaunt, but Queen Juno made high Olympus quake as she shook with rage upon her throne.
The cry of grief, rage, and terror was yet piercing the night, when the unhappy husband held his breath for a response.
Nothing like the spectacle you have just given us, sir," answered Lizabetha Prokofievna, with a sort of hysterical rage.
Then he bursts into one of his wild furies and rages at everyone and everything, seizes the letters, opens them, and reads those from the Emperor addressed to others.
He began to wish to tell her about the Hilberys in order to abuse them, for in the miniature battle which so often rages between two quickly following impressions of life, the life of the Hilberys was getting the better of the life of the Denhams in his mind, and he wanted to assure himself that there was some quality in which Joan infinitely surpassed Miss Hilbery.
All her rages had been against them; it was their world with its four meals, its punctuality, and servants on the stairs at half-past ten, that she examined so closely and wanted so vehemently to smash to atoms.
His tiny rages were much more terrible than theirs.
Beginning in that manner, she worked herself into one of her furious rages.
The wail hath fallen in, the stair is blocked, and the fire still rages below.
He had Berserker rages and did mad, terrible things.