RAICRoyal Architectural Institute of Canada
RAICRestricted Area Identity Card (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority)
RAICRestricted Area Identification Card
RAICRedundant Array of Inexpensive Computers
RAICResident Agent in Charge (federal law enforcement)
RAICRetention Advisement and Information Center (California State University Los Angeles)
RAICRecords Administration Information Center
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My hope is that this prize will raise not only the stature of the RAIC internationally, but also the stature of Canada, and inspire Canadians and Canadian architects to aspire higher," says 84-year-old Moriyama.
RAIC, supra note 77, at 327 (citation omitted) (quoting another source).
On the right of self-determination applied to statehood see: RAIC, D.
Hall, AIA, RAIC, OAA, Planning Principal; Andreas Hausler, Assoc.
Shin Ja Lee, Nyeon Hak Shin, Ji Un Ok, Ho Sik Jung, Gyo Moon Chu (1) Jong Duk Kim (2), In Ho Kim (3) and Sung Sill Lee * Division of Applied Life Science (BK21), Graduate School of Gyeongsang National University RAIC, Jinju 660-701, Korea
Rommel, AIA, RAIC, ACHA, a principal at Cannon Design, Inc.
The RAIC system enhances aviation security by verifying the identities of airport workers via biometrics and ensuring that only those workers with security clearance are permitted to enter restricted areas.
Design team: Patricia Malick, AAHID, IIDA, Principal, Lead Interior Designer; Melissa Carnival, LEED AP, Interior Designer; Jeffrey Milbrandt, Interior Designer (Array Healthcare Facilities Solutions); Lynne Wilson-Orr, BID, OAA, RAIC, ARIDO, IDC, Principal, Project Designer; R.
For more information, see, for example, RAIC, supra note 201, at 414-18.
Unisys will also provide data management, integration and project management services for the deployment of the new version of the RAIC application.
Because some patients may be restricted to their patient care units and that is the one location within the facility that patients would spend the most amount of their time it seemed like the logical location for a shelter," Timothy M, Rommel, AIA, RAIC, ACHA, a principal at Cannon Design, Inc.