RAIIResource Acquisition Is Initialization
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Because the delivery of imaging isotopes is rapid and is separated from the long antibody delivery process, radioisotope uptake in the tumour is significantly higher than in the blood, making pretargeting RAII an attractive alternative to traditional RAII.
He added: "The agreement represents an important element in the corporation s strategy as a catalyst for private sector development, as NPC and RAII constitute one of the most important aquaculture industry partnerships, that are operating through a successful strategy, which enables it to stand as a milestone in its field.
Increased rigidity allows take-out times at least 10% faster than with the RAII series, while the improved belt drive lowers wear and extends belt life.
Its newest addition to the Webliner top-entry series is the RAII alpha 1300 HS, designed to extract large parts from presses of 1100 to 1760 tons in as little as 1.
RA units have a servo-drive main arm axis, and RAII units have a servo-drive compound main arm axis used to extract parts off the mold and lift them from the platen area for high speed and to conserve overhead clearance.