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calculation and timing parameters used by the system when calculating RAIM
Davis, "PPS RAIM Algorithms and Their Performance," NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Vol.
RAIM is checked before using nonWA AS GPS, or when WAAS is not available, for RNAV 1 (arrivals and departures) or RNAV 2 (en route).
Pilots can get RAIM information from Flight Service; FAA briefers will provide RAIM information for a period of one hour before to one hour after the ETA, unless a specific time frame is requested by the pilot.
If atmospheric interference or poor satellite geometry (for RAIM, a minimum of five birds in good view) degrades accuracy, WAAS is designed to provide this information directly to the user.
SAPT can predict both enroute and terminal RAIM availability for both GPS and ADS-B.
RAIM verifies both that there are enough satellites visible, and the accuracy of navigation calculations.
A study in the broad spectrum is proposed here on everything that contributes to the integrity in the broad sense not limited to only formulations from civil aviation and not limited to only such solutions RAIM (receiver autonomous integrity monitoring).
Today, the RAIM concept, which allows for the detection and exclusion of bad satellite data from the navigation solution without pilot interaction, has become the industry standard.
Frequency of the primary and secondary navaids, or a RAIM check for GPS approaches
The activities shall consist in delivering draft technical standards for implementation of multi-constellation/dual frequency and of next generation of satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) as well as of advanced (receiver autonomous integrity monitoring) RAIM techniques.
Today, the Honeywell-invented RAIM concept has become the industry standard.