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RAJARRadio Joint Audience Research (formerly JICRAR in the UK)
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The other thing RAJAR looks at is the audience share.
When implemented in full by RAJAR in the last quarter of 1995, this diary format resulted in an increase in recorded total hours listened of the order of 8% overall.
The latest three-month RAJAR period has been a defining time for radio stations in the region with the announcement of the sale of BRMB by Global Radio to former Chrysalis Radio chief executive Phil Riley and his private equity backers Lloyds TSB Development Capital.
A spokesman for the station said: "If you look across the last year RAJAR figures have been very volatile, but as we go into the autumn we are confident our line up including Phil Upton and Les Ross will be attractive to the audience.
The RAJAR statistics show an average of 527,000 people listen to Radio Wales each week - an increase of over 100,000 since last year.
The station, which was bought by Guardian Media Group in December and re-launched as Smooth fm in March, said the campaign highlighting its rebrand came too late in the quarter to have effected figures published by industry body RAJAR.
UK radio listening figures for the third quarter of 2008 were released by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) which show more people are tuning in to digital radios.
A THE radio sample audience measuring system is operated by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd).
He said: "It's difficult to know what you are going to get with RAJAR sometimes and certainly we did not think the last two sets of results really reflected what we were trying to do.