RALMRockford Area Lutheran Ministries (Rockford, IL)
RALMReliable Adaptive Lightweight Multicast (network protocol)
RALMRouter-Assisted Layered Multicast
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Agusta is developing and testing an integrated self-protection suite, consisting of Elettronica's new ELT/156X(V4) radar-warning receiver (RWR), the MSC/EADS AN/AAR-60 missile warner, the MSC RALM 01/V2 laser warner, and the MES ECDS-2 chaff/flare dispenser.
Integrated by Alenia Aeronautica with off-the shelf systems, the DASS is managed by an electronic-warfare-management unit, provided by Marconi Selenia Communications (MSC), and includes an Elettronica (Rome, Italy) AR3-C electronic-support-measures/radar-warning system (of the company's ALR-733 modular family); MSC's AN/AAR-60 MILDS II mid-ultraviolet missile-warning system, manufactured under licence from EADS (Ulm, Germany); MSC's RALM 01 V2 laser-warning system (LWS); and MES's ECDS-2 chaff/flare dispenser with 14 magazines.