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RAMBORam Burn Observation
RAMBOReconfigurable Atomic Memory for Basic Objects (algorithm)
RAMBORoswell, Alpharetta Mountain Biking Organization (Georgia)
RAMBORevolution Anarchy Mosh Bike Overthrow (band)
RAMBOReliability, Availability, Maintainability, Buildability, Operability
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When Ronald Reagan said Rambo was a Republican, I was doomed
Furthermore, Rambo spotted codes for 4K and HDR when he got access to the HomePod firmware that was made briefly available early last month.
Just two days before the launch of the Rambo poster at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, Anand had shown it to Roshan, who had loved it and told the director that Shroff was befitting for the part.
With a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 19 miles (farther if you assist by pedaling), the Rambo opens up a ton of country.
Old Rambo had a lot of fun chasing them around while we picked up our decoys.
The news quickly spread across social media and major newspapers around the world which prompted Stallone's representative to issue a denial to Rolling Stone : "Sylvester Stallone did not attend Comic-Con 2015, and consequently there was no official remark from him regarding Rambo made there at the event.
A delegation headed by Ahmad Rambo from the Kurdistan Amateur Bodybuilding Association participated in the event, representing the Kurdistan Region.
The 'Rocky' actor previously said that if his damn body holds up, it'll be really good to play John Rambo again, otherwise it won't be Rambo fighting but it would be Rambo fighting arthritis.
SYLVESTER Stallone insists he wants to play action hero Rambo again - even though he's now 67.
At the movies THE macho antics of Rambo III were pulling in the cinema-goers this week in 1988.
Entertainment One is developing the project with Avi Lerner -- the producer behind the 2008 film Rambo and the The Expendables movie series, which also stars Stallone -- and Nu Image.
SHEDDING his chocolate- boy image, Shahid Kapoor is in the mood to embrace a Rambo avatar.