RAMICSRapid Airborne Mine Clearance System
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The RAMICS uses a laser-aimed 30 mm Bushmaster II cannon to neutralize near-surface, floating and shallow-bottom mines.
However, OASIS, RAMICS and AMNS should provide operational commanders with new capabilities, and eliminate the need for explosive ordnance disposal divers to deal with mines cut loose by mechanical cutters.
RAMICS technology will provide joint force commanders with the capability to rapidly and effectively neutralize near-surface sea mines avoiding situations like Tripoli's experienced during the Gulf War.
We have been informed that we performed in an exemplary manner on the RAMICS and ALMDS programs.
This confirms our belief, initially expressed last year with the RAMICS award, that we have added a new dimension to our business.
RAMICS is an airborne mine neutralization system designed to operate from an MH-60S organic mine countermeasure helicopter and deploy from surface combatants and aircraft carriers in carrier battle and amphibious ready groups.
9 million contract to develop a RAMICS system for the U.