RAMMAHeterologous Antihuman Malignant Melanoma Antiserum
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By the end of January 2018, Dewa's Rammas received over 698,000 enquiries less than a year after its launch.
Rammas was originally launched at the start of last year, utilising
partnership with Microsoft, Rammas is an AI chatbot that supports customers on
Last month, DEWA confirmed its chatbot -- Rammas -- had answered more than 270,000 customer enquires since its launch.
DEWA's Rammas Initiative uses artificial intelligence (AI).
The fortification of the Rammas Echor, the out-wall of Minas Tirith, is a reminder of the futility of the Maginot Line, which gave France a false sense of security against German invasion.
DEWA has robots at its Head Office, which provide the Rammas service to answer customer enquiries in English and Arabic, and a self-driving live videoconferencing system, which is the first of its kind.
Rammas employs artificial intelligence (AI) to answer your most common queries, such as billing or locating Dewa's "customer happiness" centres.
Rammas is characterised by its ability to learn and understand the needs of customers, according to their enquiries.
Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of DEWA, said that since its launch, Rammas has succeeded in making significant progress in AI technology at DEWA.
Shippey, using references from World War II, points to ironic reflections of the uselessness of the Maginot line in the outwall around Minas Tirith, the Rammas Echor, and speaks of hints of "Vichyism and quislings, of puppet governments and demilitarized zones" (Road 128).
Dewa also reviewed its Rammas service, a virtual employee which uses AI to answer customer enquiries, and is available 24/7 on Dewa's website, smart app, Dewa Facebook page, Amazon's Alexa service, and the Pepper Robot available at the Future Centre for Customer Happiness.