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RAMSReliability and Maintainability Symposium
RAMSRegional Atmospheric Modeling System
RAMSReliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
RAMSRichmond Area Multi Services
RAMSRussian Academy of Medical Science
RAMSRisk Analysis Management System
RAMSRemote Activation Munitions System
RAMSRegional Air Monitoring System
RAMSRéseau d'Appui Aux Mutuelles de Santé (du Burkina Faso)
RAMSRadiation Alarm Monitoring System
RAMSRescue Air Mobility Squad (US Air Force)
RAMSRecursive Adaptive Model Set
RAMSRochester Area Multiple Sclerosis
RAMSRemote Area Monitoring System
RAMSReference Acceleration Measurement System
RAMSReliability, Availability, Maintainability, Supportability
RAMSReprographics Automated Management System
RAMSReadiness Automated Management System
RAMSRight Ascension of the Mean Sun
RAMSRapid Assembly Munitions System
RAMSRDAISA (US Army Research, Development, and Acquisition Information Systems Agency) Acquisition Management System
RAMSRepairable Assets Management System
RAMSReserve Aerographer's Mate School
RAMSReliability Asset Monitoring System
RAMSResource Allocation & Multiproject Scheduling
RAMSRisk Assessment and Method Statement
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Nowadays, it's hard to tell the Rams grew up in LosAngeles.
Domesticated rams resemble their wild relatives, which scientists have also observed participating in homosexual relations.
The Rams were such a feel-good story in '99, it was actually hard to dislike them.
A candidate for basic RAM certification must comply with the following requirements: Two years multi-housing management experience; 300 or more points on the Professional Profile, which is submitted to NAHB in Washington and graded in accordance with HUD regulations; and 325 or more points on the National RAM Examination.
Now, some of you may recall that the Rams have a player by the name of Marshall Faulk.
No one was talking dynasty, but two men who played vital roles in the Rams becoming world champions, Dick Vermeil and Kurt Warner, said the team should be a formidable presence for several more seasons.
In beating the gallant Tennessee Titans 23-16 on Kurt Warner's 73-yard scoring pass to Isaac Bruce with 1:54 remaining before 72,625 at the Georgia Dome, the Rams not only won the first Super Bowl in their history, but also assured their lovable caretaker, Georgia Frontiere, a place in the sporting pantheon.
This will be a match painful to watch for many of the disenfranchised fans in Los Angeles, who supported the Rams for 49 seasons, and in Houston, who did the same with the Oilers for 37 seasons.
Louis Rams owner who is such a firm believer in the stars she once had her players' astronomical charts done.
You say the Rams will beat the Vikings in the NFL playoffs?
Believing that the rams were moving to higher ground, we climbed the ridge opposite from them.
Sal Martinez, who slept in the glow of a Rams nightlight as a kid, never stopped being a fan.