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RAMSESRegional Earth Observation Application for Mediterranean Sea Emergency Surveillance (oil slick surveillance and detection; Stuttgart, Germany)
RAMSESReconnaissance and Management System of the Environment of Schistocerca (GIS data management)
RAMSESRole-based Access Management Security System (informatics, University of Hamburg)
RAMSESReprogrammable Advanced Multimode Shipboard ECM System (UK system)
RAMSESRWTH (Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule) Aachen Magnetic Resonance Software System (medical imaging)
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The column will be placed along with the massive statue of Ramses II, one of Egypt's greatest pharaohs, at the atrium of the new museum that will be partially opened later this year.
The statue was transferred 12 years ago from its location at one of Cairo's most crowded streets, Ramses, where it overlooked Cairo's main train station connecting the capital with other governorates.
The sun temple in Heliopolis was founded by Ramses II, lending weight to the likelihood the statue is of him, archaeologists said.
When Ramses finally commands the people to go, they slowly plod forth, by now 400,000 strong.
When Joel Edgerton's Ramses becomes Pharaoh and believes he's a living god, he banishes his adopted brother Moses (Christian Bale) into the desert after learning that his second in command is a Hebrew.
The obstinate Ramses is not convinced, however, and then God sends forth the plagues.
Army helicopters were seen flying over Tahrir and Ramses squares after the clashes.
The clashes in Ramses Square and over October 6th Bridge resulted in death of two and injury of 134 others.
Le monde entier a rendez-vous, aujourd'hui vendredi, avec l'unique phenomene du soleil perpendiculaire au visage de la statue de Ramses II au coeur du grand temple dans la ville d'Abou Simbel, environ 1 300 km au sud du Caire.
The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III, whose death has puzzled historians for centuries, had his throat slit in a succession plot concocted by his wife and son, a new analysis suggests.
Summary: It is difficult to decide which was the greater achievement: the original construction of the temples of Ramses II at Abu Simbel out of bare rock beside the Nile, or their dismantling and reconstruction in the 1960's to save them from being flooded by the rising waters of the newly formed Lake Nasser.
The company said it will commence this year a post CE Mark study, dubbed Prepare RAMSES, and that it will also begin initial sales activities in select hospitals in Europe.