RAMSIRegional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands
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Since the RAMSI intervention in 2003, the government has recast its budget, and has taken a hard look at priorities.
It may well be that, in this case, the intervention was justified and that regional leaders were genuinely supportive of RAMSI.
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ealier pledged ongoing assistance to RAMSI.
Within 18 hours of the Australian government's decision to support RAMSI, about 100 men, vehicles, and equipment arrived by three Royal Australian Air Force C130 aircraft in the Solomon Islands to reinforce the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) portion of RAM S I known as Operation Anode.
Indeed, while RAMSI has been successful in creating short-term stability, it is simultaneously undermining Solomon Islander capacities for longer-term peace.
This years PIF follows the successful conclusion in 2017 of the RAMSI operation in Solomon Islands.
Relations with Australia, which plays a major role in the RAMSI mission, have been strained.
In the comments compiled below, he refers to RAMSI, Australia's Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, which has a prominent presence in the country.
Australian security forces were deployed in the Solomon Islands in July last year under the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, or RAMSI.
We are stepping up our engagement with the Pacific, doing more than ever before, building on some of the great achievements, the leaders are so appreciative of the leadership Australia showed in the RAMSI mission in the Solomon Islands.
He began by arguing that while RAMSI had assisted with capacity-building at the state level, there was little help for the provinces.
Malaitans have responded to the RAMSI intervention by invoking kastom as a symbol of difference, unity and resistance, just as they have done many times in the past.