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RANAPRadio Access Network Application Protocol (3GPP)
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8226;User controlled access to Mobility Management, Session Management, RANAP, and DTAP messages
The RAB assignment procedure in RANAP will give the AMR codec rates to be used for this particular session.
RANAP and Ozarks Chapter of Central Region Missouri Nurses Association meet monthly, over dinner in Rolla, MO, from 6:00 P.
Ramalingam further added, “MAPS[TM] IuCS ATM uses SSCOP server for establishing SSCOP links over which RANAP and ALCAP signaling will be carried for making calls.
RANAP is a control plane protocol (Iu interface) between RNC (Radio Network Controller) and the CN (Core Network) in the UMTS stack.
With its enhanced, market-leading Trillium Femtocell software portfolio, Continuous Computing offers all of the Trillium protocol software needed to support the new Home NodeB standards, including support for the Iuh reference point and underlying protocols RANAP User Adaptation (RUA) and Home NodeB Application Part (HNBAP) for both Femtocell Access Point and Femtocell Gateway Applications.
GL's Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS[TM]) designed for UMTS IuH interface can simulate Femto Home Node B (HnB), and a Femto Home Node Gateway (HnB-GW) by generating RANAP and DTAP signaling messages over SCTP as Transport layer.
Generates and supports all Mobility Management, Session Management RANAP and DTAP messages
248, MGCP and MEGACO for enabling Voice over Packet network solutions, and B-SS7, ISDN, GPRS, UMTS, MAP, CAP, GTP, Gb and RANAP for 2.
Furthermore, NBAP (Iub), RANAP (Iu) and RNSAP (Iur) interfaces each have complicated transport channel structures that prevent straightforward analysis.
The DCT2000 test system now supports the 3GPP June 2001 specifications for the following protocols: RANAP, RNSAP, NBAP, CM/MM, SM/GMM, Iu-UP, PDCP, GTP, MAP, RRC, RLC, MAC and FP.
Off-the-Shelf RANAP and Enhanced GTP Portable Software Lower