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RANKLReceptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kappa B Ligand (molecular biology)
RANKLReceptor Activator of NF-B Ligand
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RANKL promotes osteoblastic activity in vascular smooth muscle cells by upregulating endothelial BMP-2 release.
There is a hypothalamic central mechanism of leptin with anti-osteoporotic activity and also a peripheral leptin mechanism of increasing osteoblast proliferation, stimulating bone matrix synthesis and inhibiting RANKL activity (54,55).
zoledronic acid) and RANKL inhibitors (denosumab), are offered to patients with bone metastases to reduce the risk of skeletal-related events.
Nevertheless, an especially rare "OC-poor" osteopetrosis reflects mutations within TNFSF11 encoding RANKL, a key promoter of osteoclastogenesis, and is not treatable by bone marrow transplantation.
4) Osteoclast formation was evaluated by positive TRAP expression in MSCs after treatment with M-CSF and RANKL for 7 days.
2009) RANKL is necessary and sufficient to initiate development of antigen-sampling M cells in the intestinal epithelium.
This was the opposite of what we observed with an osteocyte cell line called IDG-SW3 where RANKL was increased, and therefore responsible for alveolar bone resorption.
Denosumab is a fully-human, immunoglobulin G1 (IgG2) mAb against RANKL that is in Phase III of development for RA patients with active, erosive bone disease.
RANKL is secreted by osteoblasts, bone marrow cells and lymphocytes, a process that increases in the acute deficiency of oestrogen that occurs in menopause.
Recently published crystal structures of the ectodomains of murine RANK in complex with RANKL (Liu et al.
Durante un estimulo mecanico los macrofagos secretan IL-1 y TNF-a que pueden contribuir indirectamente a la reabsorcion osea, estimulando la produccion de RANKL por las celulas osteoclasticas.