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RANKLReceptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kappa B Ligand (molecular biology)
RANKLReceptor Activator of NF-B Ligand
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Additionally, the mRNA levels for RUNX2 (an osteoblast-specific transcription factor) and osteoprotegerin (a RANKL antagonist) were elevated by LPNS.
Crystal structure of human RANKL complexed with its decoy receptor osteoprotegerin.
Also the deregulation of the osteoblast-osteoclast interaction mediated by the OPG, RANK, RANKL system offers a therapeutic approach.
Kanaya and colleagues found that the gene Spi-B is turned on strongly at early stages of M cell differentiation induced by RANKL.
Head researcher Rita Effros explains, "It's normal for our T cells to produce small amounts of RANKL during an immune response.
Denosumab, a laboratory synthesised antibody, targets RANKL.
Bilindigi gibi RANKL osteoklast maturasyonunu saglarken, OPG ise RANKL aktivitesini azaltmaktadir.
One such agent, denosumab (AMG 162), which is a fully human monoclonal antibody to RANKL (essential for the differentiation, function and survival of osteoclasts) is in clinical trials in women with breast cancer [42].
It was shown that the VDRRXR heterodimer directly binds to functional vitamin D response elements found in the promoter region of RANKL thus increasing gene expression [7].
The intimate interaction between the RANKL on the osteoblast with the preosteoclast's RANK results in signal transduction inducing the preosteoclast to become a mature osteoclast (Fig.