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RANSACRussian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
RANSACRandom Sample Consensus
RANSACRussian-American Nuclear Safety Advisory Council
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When defining the plane with the RANSAC we treat all points in which [absolute value of [[delta].
We evaluate the influence the changes of the percentage of inliers w and threshold value t have on the number of points in subgroup S* when using the RANSAC.
The influence the change in the number of inliers has on the results of the RANSAC and the estimated parameters of the geometrical shapes was analysed with 10000 repetitions of the calculation.
In each repetition of our search the RANSAC performed a number of iterations N, which was defined by eq.
Even though the number of outliers in S increased, the higher number of repetitions of the calculation with the use of the RANSAC provided better results for attempt 6 when compared to attempt 1 (Figs.
Despite the relatively rich literature of the use of RANSAC we have not found a research in which the authors would attempt to evaluate the quality of the obtained results.
With the RANSAC we can simply and quickly find the subgroup of points that is best fitted to the geometrical shape, however, in order to confirm the obtained results we need to repeat the calculations several times.
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