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RANSACRussian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
RANSACRandom Sample Consensus
RANSACRussian-American Nuclear Safety Advisory Council
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The next step of the image stitching algorithm is the estimation of hommography matrix using RANSAC algorithm.
Visual words of each database video frame is then verified using RANSAC algorithm.
Computing Homography with RANSAC Algorithm: A Novel Method of Registration.
The RANSAC algorithm was first introduced by Fischler and Bolles (1981) as a method to estimate the parameters of a certain model, starting from a set of data contaminated by large amounts of outliers.
A RANSAC algorithm is used to determine the transformation between the model and its position in the scene point cloud.
The RANSAC is used to define the point cloud's subgroup that includes the highest number of points from the original cloud for the selected threshold value and mathematical model.
Finally, after salient point matching by Euclidean distance, RANSAC algorithm was used to eliminate wrong corresponding pairs.
An efficient RANSAC for 3D object recognition in noisy and occluded scenes.
Once the object descriptors are found by SIFT for reference and target frames, a homography estimation is performed to compute the matching between objects in reference and target RANdom SAmple Consensus: to compute the matching between the objects in the consecutive video frames RANSAC technique is used.
m fits fundamental matrix, using RANSAC, to a set of putatively matched image points [8].
Viena is daugelio kompiuteriniu programu grubioms klaidoms eliminuoti is tasku masyvu yra RANSAC, kuria sukure Kanados mokslininkai R.