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RANTESRegulated on Activation Normal T Cell Expressed and Secreted
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The PCR amplification used gene-specific primers for TARC (forward, 5'-ACT GCT CCA GGG ATG CCA TCG TIT IT-3' and reverse, 5'-ACA AGG GGA TGG GAT CTC CCT CAC TG-3'); MDC (forward, 5'-AGG ACA GAG CAT GGC TCG CCT ACA GA' and reverse, 5'-TAA TGG CAG GGA GCT AGG GCT CCT GA-3'); RANTES (forward, 5'-CCC CGT GCC GAG ATC AAG GAG TAT TT-3' and reverse, 5'-CGT CCA GCC TGG GGA AGG nTTTG TA-3'); IL-8 (forward, 5'-GTG GCT CTC TTG GCA GCC TTC CTG AT-3' and reverse, 5'-TCT CCA CAA CCC TCT GCA CCC ACT TT-3'); and GAPDH (forward, 5'-GTG ATG GCA TGG ACT GTG GT-3' and reverse, 5'-AAG GGT CAT CAT CTC TGC CC-3').
RANTES was the only factor we studied that demonstrated an association with higher survival rates in children.
Platelet microparticles: a transcellular delivery system for RANTES promoting monocyte recruitment on endothelium.
After examining the precise molecular structure of the RANTES protein, the researchers discovered that only a small fragment of the RANTES protein is actually responsible for blocking HIV entry into cells.
Gene polymorphisms in CCR5, CCR2, CX3CR1, SDF-1 and RANTES in exposed but uninfected partners of HIV-1 infected individuals in North India.
It also provides RANTES variants having agonist properties towards said receptor, and methods for preventing and/or curing viral diseases, as well as clues for preventing and/or curing inflammatory or malignant diseases.
11) Other eosinophil-specific chemoattractants, eotaxin and RANTES, have also been found to be increased in the BAL fluid from patients with CEP.
Several chemokines called RANTES, MIP-1A and MIP-1B interfere with HIV replication by occupying these receptors.
Entry inhibitors SCH-C, RANTES, and T-20 block HIV type 1 replication in multiple cell types," AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 19(3): 177-186.
These chemokines, called RANTES, MIP-1alpha and MIP-1beta are involved in the body's inflammatory process, while another protein called stromal-derived factor (SDF-1) is involved in signaling lymphocytes to move to inflamed tissue.
Recently, they treated rabbit cells with a well-studied chemokine called RANTES to see if it would hinder the ability of myxoma virus to infect the cells.