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RANTSRemotely Accessible Note Taking System
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Within a month, the site has over 150 Ranters and about 500 Rants -- the founders are hoping other New Yorkers will enjoy the venting forum now along with other like-minded New Yorkers like them.
The racist rant shocked Heidi, 30, an office worker of Chinese descent, so she and another passenger told the man to get off the bus and started filming.
In one vile rant three years ago he says: "There are political forces in Oslo who want mass subsidised and low cost 'Islam-blocks' in Oslo West for 'better integration'.
com, commented in announcing MML Rants and Raves, "Many people are either intimidated by their health care providers or are too timid at the time of their treatment to ask questions about their care.
BROADCASTER Joan Bakewell is taking part in a Rebel Rant event organised by books festival Writing on the Wall.
David has dozens of million-dollar ideas he's working on for upcoming Rants.
Scholarship prizes of $500 for the best videos and $250 for T shirts are awarded to those rants judged most clever.
com) is being able to share opinions, sort of like the Rants and Raves sections on the Craigslist Web site.
I AM sick of reading the rants of ex-Superintendent John Mellor.
Essentially laid out like a blog, Travel Rants covers a wide range of subjects, from New York bus fares to Malta's bid to increase tourism, and even visiting the remote Pitcairn Islands.
It's got some well thought out treatises on the state of skating, some political rants about GW, but also some ranting about local politics that droned for a bit and didn't mean much to me.
As for political blogs, these are the wallpaper of the blogosphere, and take the form of daily rants.