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RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
RARPRural Area Revitalization Program (various locations)
RARPRobotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (surgical procedure)
RARPResidential Appliance Recycling Program (California)
RARPRat Atrophin Related Protein (neurobiology)
RARPRight Atrial Refractory Period (cardiology)
RARPRestricted-Access Reversed-Phase (chromatography)
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All RARP procedures were performed by a single surgeon (BS) using the da Vinci Si surgical system (Intuitive Surgical Inc.
Continence improved in the RARP subjects, dropping to equal levels as EBRT subjects during the follow-up period (21%).
There is a plausible argument that with an experienced surgeon there is little to choose between the positive outcomes of RRP and LRP and RARP (Sethia, 2010).
3,4) Of these factors, failure to achieve urinary continence after RARP is a major concern because it has a negative effect on quality of life and can cause psychological problems, such as anxiety or depression.
Despite early concerns regarding margin status in RARP patients, our data would suspect a trend toward a superior biochemical control in RARP group.
LRP and RARP were 13-27% less likely to be used to treat high-risk PCa on multivariable analysis (p<0.
While initial reaction may suggest unfavourable patient outcomes, closer review of the data suggests more region alization and centralization of RARP at high-volume, comprehensive academic centres.
A study from Smith and colleagues reported similar results with the most common localization for PSM after RARP at the apex (52%).
To assess training proficiency from a unique perspective, we sought to evaluate the entire RARP procedure dividing it into its individual, sequential steps.
The suite delivers 15 Internet protocols: IPv4, TCP, UDP, ARP, RARP, IGMP, ICMP, PPP, HTTP 1.
Multiple case series of RARP by experienced surgeons have suggested short-term benefits over historical controls of open radical prostatectomy (ORP) in terms of better visualization of the surgical field, lower perioperative complication rate, lower stricture rate, fewer transfusions, and shorter hospital stay.
Nucleus NET's basic protocols include: TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP, RARP, DHCP, BOOTP, DNS.