RASMASRisk and Safety Management Alert System (Mitretek Systems product recall management service)
RASMASRisk And Safety Management Alert System
RASMASRegional Alarm Surveillance Monitoring and Analysis System (Sprint)
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The RASMAS solution has now been implemented throughout JHHS.
RASMAS meets the requirements for an alert and recall process set by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which sets performance standards for healthcare facilities.
RASMAS has reduced workloads at JHHS by eliminating duplicate notices and sending each of the coordinators only those alerts that apply to their domain.
RASMAS proactively disseminates recall notifications and has an automated online workflow program.
We are excited about expanding our partnership with EXP to include their direct sales of the entire RASMAS solution," says Diane Hartingh Price, director Health Innovation, Noblis.
Noblis Health Innovation offers RASMAS, a web-based service that enables healthcare providers and suppliers to respond to recalls and alerts with dramatically increased speed, lowering administrative costs, mitigating risk, and improving patient safety.
By interfacing the RASMAS proven alert management solution with WaveMark CIMS, we provide an additional means for today's hospitals and healthcare organizations to better manage their recall process and ultimately improve patient safety.
Real-time identification and location of recalled products: WaveMark CIMS uses RFID and network technologies to automate the management and tracking of high-value hospital inventory and RASMAS delivers and manages electronic product alerts.
We feel RASMAS can have significant influence on a health care organization's alerts and recalls processes--ultimately impacting their risk management and patient safety practices, as well as freeing up resources for other mission-critical needs," said Tony Burke, president and CEO of AHA Financial Solutions (the AHA subsidiary responsible for reviewing solutions and awarding AHA's endorsement).
According to Wayne Sparkes, senior projects administrator at Johns Hopkins, "While RASMAS has greatly reduced the labor requirements of dealing with alerts and recalls, more importantly we believe it will reduce medical errors by quickly identifying alerts and communicating them to the proper staff.
An alert-processing subsystem in RASMAS collects alerts from a variety of sources including manufacturers and federal sources, and also allows subscribers to send information they have received.
Next, Mitretek clinical staff review and research the data before releasing it to their RASMAS subscribers.