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RASPRanger Assessment and Selection Program (Fort Benning, GA; US Army)
RASPRuntime Application Self-Protection (security technology)
RASPRange Action Safety Plan (UK)
RASPRegional Aviation System Plan (Alaska)
RASPRocket Altitude Simulation Program
RASPRadar Airborne Signal Processor
RASPRefugee & Asylum Seekers Project (UK)
RASPRemote Antenna Signal Processor
RASPRemote Access Security Program
RASPRandom Access Stored Program Machine
RASPRadiological Affairs Support Program
RASPRisk Assessment Scale for Prison
RASPReusable Avionics Software Project
RASPRecognized Air Surface Picture
RASPResidents Against Street Prostitution
RASPReserve Associate Support Program
RASPRange And Airframe Separation Programmer (TARTAR)
RASPRobust Airframe Structures Program
RASPResidual Asset Screening Program
RASPRange & Separation Programmer
RASPRegister of Accredited Service Providers (UK)
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Experimental trials on a threshing cylinder with spaces between the cylinder rasp bars covered with filler plates showed a decrease in wheat grain damage from 2.
We performed a retrospective review of all OSP and RASP procedures performed between January 2011 and November 2013.
I do most of this work with the safe edge rasp and the aforementioned no-clog files which also have a safe edge.
Well it's the same for their tongues if you don't rasp the insides.
Three students joined DJ Rasp on stage to have a go at scratching.
Now, we are aware that the Lycian women of the Roman period 1,800 years ago were living well-groomed by using a pair of tweezers, rasp and mirror," The Hurriyet Daily News quoted Cevi as saying.
She's a very smart girl, and she acted very resourcefully," said Mr Rasp.
A satisfactory trimming job can be accomplished with a hoof knife, a rasp, and a nipper.
Development of the Duro-Max rasp was the result of engineers improving on the traditional design of rasps used on Matteuzzi circumferential buffers.
Camarillo used its height advantage early on, forging an early eight-point lead on the strength of its inside game, led by Rasp and Galloway.
At 66, her voice has retained the supple-yet-brittle emotive quality and controlled rasp that made even the simplest tear-in-my-beer country jaunt hauntingly beautiful.
We're pleased the process is done," said Bob Rasp of the Moorpark, Calif.