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RASPEResident Army SENSCOM Project Engineer
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The parallels between Raspe and Harris are obvious: the double time frame (two hunts, two trips to the mill pond), two encounters with a prized object (the stag, the whiskey jug), and two grotesque transformations (the cherry tree antlers, the "cartilaginous handle").
In the 1990s, several pilot projects were conducted in the Netherlands to enhance the direct involvement and so-called self-reliant behaviour of citizens in the management of crime and disorder (Denkers, 1990; Raspe, 1996; Toenders et al.
O'Neill TW, Marsden D, Matthis C, Raspe H, Silman AJ.
Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham 2-1 in front of 126,000 people and another 75,000 who had scaled the inadequate boundary walls; 1969: De Gaulle resigned when the response to his referendum for major government reforms was 'Non'; 1977: Three Baader-Meinhof terrorists, Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan Raspe, were jailed for life.
APPEAL: Driver Brian Baker with (front from left) Sharon Bodsworth and Raspe Kaur, and (back) Jill Clarke, Edith Bodsworth, Rita Keech, Joan Dyke and Ray Dyke.
Raspe grasped onto this theme and published a number of peculiar and elaborate extemporizations involving the Baron.
Several chapters highlight erotic components in Russian and Western European literature by Tolstoy, Marquis de Sade, Casanova, and Rudolph Erich Raspe (Baron Munchhausen) amongst others.
A BARON Munchausen was the hero of the outrageously implausible tales of the novelist R E Raspe.
ASV Esecutori contra la Bestemmia, Raspe, Busta 69, p.
The Company, a subsidiary of XL Capital Ltd (NYSE: XL), has hired Scott Edwards as Vice President and Controller; Erik Banks, Chief Risk Officer; and Adele Raspe, General Counsel, Derivatives.
While the deal could keep USC at the historic stadium for the next 47 years, the latest proposal includes provisions that would allow USC to opt out in two years if the Coliseum is unable to secure financing for major improvements that could cost in excess of $50 million, according to Kristina Raspe, USC's associate senior vice president, real estate and asset management.
Eight of the 11 for whom the hijack was staged remain in prisons in Turkey and Germany, The mass suicide underlines the severe Wow dealt to international terrorism by the spectacular midnight raid on the stricken jet IN STUTTGART: Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe, members of the Baader-Meiuhof urban guerrilla hand, were the three who died in a suicide pact.