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RASSRichmond Agitation Sedation Scale
RASSRadio Acoustic Sounding System
RASSROSAT All-Sky Survey
RASSResponsible Alcohol Sails and Service (various organizations)
RASSReliability, Availability, Serviceability, Security
RASSRamon Allones Specially Selected (cigars)
RASSResource Allocation Selection System (US Army)
RASSRelief Association of Southern Sudan
RASSRemote Application Sharing Service (software)
RASSRadar Acoustic Sounding System
RASSReference and Adult Services Section (libraries; various locations)
RASSRhine Army Summer Show (UK and Germany)
RASSRandom Access Storage System
RASSRapid Acquisition Shooting System (shooting bench from RCBS)
RASSRapid Area Supply Support
RASSRadar di Acquisizione e Scoperta di Superfice
RASSRapid Access Storage System
RASSRange Airspace Surveillance System
RASSRecords Automation for Special Services (Provisioning)
RASSRange Automated Scheduling System
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I also completely agree with Mr Rass that we all need to keep our cool and brave the situation,' Mr Sindhu said.
IOP Member Professor James Wild, a researcher in Space Plasma Physics at the University of Lancaster, has been awarded the RASs James Dungey Lectureship.
8) addressed the retreatment with SOF/LDV and RBV for 24 weeks in patients that had failed a previous course of SOF/LDV for 8-12 weeks [+ or -] RBV; although only 41 patients were studied, the results showed a clear impact of the number and the type of RAS in NS5A on SVR12: patients that had no RASs at failure achieved 100% SVR12 rates when they were retreated with the same regimen they had failed, but with a 24 week duration and with RBV.
The study was carried out in two phases: first, the translation of the RASS from English to Spanish, followed by the measurement of the reliability of the translated scale.
While information on what fish to eat already exists from a number of sources, Seafish believes that RASS will enable commercial buyers to make informed choices that comply with their own internal policies or procedures for purchasing seafood; rather than having to adopt those of advisory organisations.
Au cours de cette etape, le programme a mobilise des moyens disponibles au sein de nombre d'etablissements scolaires, etant donne que certains espaces relevant du ministere de la Jeunesse et des sports (Haouzyia, Tamarisse, Rass El Ma, Saidia, Sidi Faresse etc.
Des combats d'une violence sans precedent ont jeudi et la nuit du vendredi oppose combattants kurdes syriens pro-regime et groupes islamistes dans la localite syrienne de Rass al-Ain frontaliere de la Turquie, ont rapporte des habitants et un militant a l'AFP vendredi.
Fighting between troops and rebels near the Syrian -- Turkish border post of Rass Al Ain in the northeast of Syria killed at least 26 people Thursday, including 10 rebels and 16 soldiers, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).
The study showed that 96% of Jeddah's inhabitants use vehicles as their primary mode of transportation and only 4% use public transportation," the mayor of Jeddah, Hani Abu Rass, told the Saudi Gazette.
Ittakesalitt leb ito f time to adjust becauseclay isthe slowest surfacein tennis, whereasg rass isthe fastest, butI 'mh appyw ith the waythingsare going.
In this connection, the Moroccan official recalled that HM King Mohammed VI gave instructions for dispatching a medical team on March 2 to Rass Ajdir on the Tunisian-Libyan borders to provide medical care to refugees from different nationalitiesOn March 25, he added, Morocco sent considerable quantity of medicine to Libya.