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RAYNETRadio Amateur Emergency Network
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Phill Hills, the South East England Zone Coordinator for RAYNET and a member of South Sussex RAYNET, said: This donation is going to make a huge difference to RAYNETs capabilities and the communities across not only our home base in Sussex but also the neighbouring counties of Surrey and Hampshire.
Chris Slingsby, SEPDs Head of Region, says the 20,000 donation to South Sussex RAYNET is a great example of how the Resilient Communities Fund can help local people, having worked through various storms and weather events during his 26 years with SEPD : Our Resilient Communities Fund is all about helping communities be better prepared in the face of extreme weather or other emergencies, and I think this application from RAYNET is a really innovative way of dealing with situations when traditional communications links may be down.
Our thanks are due to the Showground for making us so welcome, to RAYNET for stew-arding, to the Mayor and the Town Council for organisational help, to Stoneleigh Park Catering but, most of all, to the walkers and their sponsors for helping the many charities.
The cost savings and flexibility of open source and Linux-based technologies are compelling for both our company and our customers, so when we decided to expand our business into the telecommunications marketplace, Digium and Asterisk naturally became our first choice," said Raymond McKay, president, RAYNET Technologies LLC.