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RAZORBLADERadically Advanced Zero Operational Reliability But Looks Adequate To Dumb Endusers
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You concentrate, you know, when you have a sharp, three-foot razorblade in your hand," Griesi said, "and that concentration translates to all that stuff they teach in sports - focus, visualize, see what you do before you do it.
There's no mistaking The Cars' influence in songs like ``Saturday Nite Riot'' and ``Little Razorblade,'' with their synthesizers, rhythm guitar and singer Matt Friction's impersonation of Ocasek impersonating Buddy Holly.
They subsequently used the multiple-needle and razorblade inoculation techniques to develop dry bean breeding lines with the highest level of resistance to common bacterial blight from the common x tepary bean interspecific populations.
Meanwhile, American razorblade manufacturer Gillette has launched what it calls a 'metrosexual' campaign, which Sonntags-Zeitung writer Morkowska describes as, "a momentary gender crossover of technology: gel and cold wax, originally used by women, are propagated for removal of thick male hair.
This period involved a collection of masterworks, including Marjory Razorblade (1973), Blame It On The Night (1974), Beautiful Extremes (1977) and the brilliant live recording In Living Black And White (1976).
Canon's profit-making model is to hold large shares of the printer and copier markets so that customers keep buying its toner cartridges, papers and other consumables--the classic razor and razorblade strategy.
They are a razorblade profile, so as not to block the view of the other constituents.
One step from the threshold, one step from the razorblade, I run from neon and the market, revolver in hand, I proclaim the egg and surrealism, guns blazing from the hip, side-saddle to the world.
If you are going to shave, clean the skin with an antibacterial wash first, use a new razorblade and shaving oil.
The razorblade has two edges creating a two-dimensional plane with length and breadth, while a line is one-dimensional.
And there is a room where frantic school kids razorblade pages out of books because they will not use the copy machine.