RB5Reactive Black 5 (synthetic dye)
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RB4 will be ready for delivery in March 2011 and RB5 in June 2011.
The guys in Milton Keynes are working tremendously hard, and they've done a great job in terms of development; there's a lot of focus obviously on aerodynamics and a few other bits and pieces for the RB5.
While the RB5 remained an unknown quantity, the Australian recognised this season could be his best chance yet to win a race.
And to give ordinary motorists a taste of what it's like to pilot a rally car, Subaru has produced a series of special-edition turbo models including the Catalunya, Series McRae and now the RB5.
The same attention has been paid to the handling and suspension and the four-wheel-drive RB5 enjoys limpet-like road adhesion.
Amongst a grid of by-andlarge ugly ducklings, if the RB5 goes even half as well as it looks when all 20 cars hit the track together Down Under in Melbourne this weekend, then Red Bull will be in strong form indeed.
Certainly Red Bull have produced the prettiest car on the grid, and I think in the RB5 we've got a very promising car with an awful lot of development potential.
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Speaking in Jerez at the launch of the RB5, Horner said new aerodynamic specifications, the return of slick tyres and the advent of the kinetic energy recovery system will all serve to level the playing field.
The designer of the RB5, Adrian Newey, revealed the team's new challenger marked a fresh start from a technical point of view, with few components or concepts carried over from the 2008 car due to the new regulations.
The normal 218bhp output in the Impreza RB5 rises to 250bhp with the Prodrive changes.
If the already stunningly fast Impreza Turbo isn't punchy enough for you, Subaru has teamed up with Prodrive to offer a special edition - the RB5.