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RBACRegulamento Brasileiro de Aviação Civil (Portuguese: Brazilian Rules of Civil Aviation; Brazil)
RBACRe-Use Business Assistance Center
RBACRose Bowl Aquatics Center (Pasadena, CA)
RBACRecycling Business Assistance Center (North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources)
RBACRule-Based Access Control (informatics)
RBACRecreational Boating Advisory Council (Canada)
RBACRole-Based Access Control (informatics)
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When RBAC is used alone data access permissions are assigned through roles results in lack of fine-grainedness.
Xudong, "Research of extended RBAC model on permission control in WEB information system," in Proceedings of the IEEE 3rd International Conference on Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN '11), pp.
The PCASSO project (Patient-centered access to secure systems online) improves the quality of care and provides confidentiality and privacy of patient data by applying proper security techniques including RBAC, multi-level security, authentication, encryption and audit trails (Bakers & Masys 1999).
A context-aware RBAC (CARBAC) model for pervasive computing applications is presented in [25] which is driven by context-based access control requirements related to users' memberships in roles, permission executions by role members, and context-based dynamic integration of services in the environment with an application.
Con este obj etivo se propone un modelo compatible con otros modelos como RBAC, que guia el desarrollo de soluciones para compartimentar la informacion gestionada en las organizaciones y de esta forma aumentar su seguridad.
RBAC is adopted as an ANSI/INCITS standard since 2004 [4].
framework to analyze (2008); secure business processes that includes authorization and RBAC.
Many studies have been conducted in either the RBAC domain or in the field of anonymity systems; however, none of these studies have provided solutions that combine the two models in order to simultaneously fulfill the requirements of both role level privacy preservation and privacy protection at the personal level.
Diversos modelos de seguranca para workflows tem sido igualmente propostos ao longo dos anos e, como iremos ver, muitos deles sao baseados em RBAC.
O RBAC e o RBAL foram calculados a partir dos dados de TCH, percentagem de acucar bruto e de acucares redutores livres, conforme metodos laboratoriais e equacoes citadas por Caldas (1998).
First of all, existing RBAC cannot be directly applicable to a mobile ad-hoc environment since peers are constantly moving over time and the policies are updated based on time and space.
RBAC scheme coordinator, Natasha Mitchell, said: "The operation went really well again this year and provided retailers and their staff with increased confidence, knowing police and partners were taking a proactive stance.