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RBACRegulamento Brasileiro de Aviação Civil (Portuguese: Brazilian Rules of Civil Aviation; Brazil)
RBACRe-Use Business Assistance Center
RBACRose Bowl Aquatics Center (Pasadena, CA)
RBACRecycling Business Assistance Center (North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources)
RBACRule-Based Access Control (informatics)
RBACRecreational Boating Advisory Council (Canada)
RBACRole-Based Access Control (informatics)
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IT Administrators Now Able to Fully Capitalize on RBAC While Managing Security Settings Across Microsoft Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2008 R2
It introduces strategic features such as RBAC enforcement, innovative technologies such as real-time user provisioning and significantly improved usability," says Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID Systems' CTO.
Canada Health Infoway in Privacy and Security Architecture (PSA) recommended access control mechanisms including DAC and RBAC to provide patient consent (Khan & Sakamura 2012).
Ontology based approach towards RBAC was proposed by Hong Sun et al.
We will first describe in section 2 useful RBAC and delegation backgrounds.
RBAC scheme coordinator, Natasha Mitchell, said: "The operation went really well again this year and provided retailers and their staff with increased confidence, knowing police and partners were taking a proactive stance.
509 digital certificates or comparable strong authentication methodology for access, establish RBAC protocols and effective administrative policies; employ desktop/server virus scanning, intrusion detection, network vulnerability analysis, security policy monitoring, regular penetration testing, and active threat intelligence; ensure continuity of operations through planning and procedure implementation.
The reader is then guided through the RBAC products on the market and along the migration path to deploying RBAC for enterprisewide security These latter sections are of particular benefit to systems integrators.
The section on methodology describes the implementation of RBAC from the perspective of business process engineering based on an actual customer deployment, and is followed by a chapter on 'Do's and Don'ts', bringing to light elements of practical experience, both positive and negative.
2012) described an access control model base on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), this RBAC provides flexible controls for 'users to roles' and 'roles to privileges' on data objects.
RBAC for More Secure Unified IT Management: The addition of RBAC capabilities allows a wider array of users to securely gain access to Hyperglance with job appropriate views and controls.