RBECRegional Bureau for Europe and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)
RBECRevised Basic Education Curriculum (Philippines)
RBECRio Brazos Education Cooperative (now Education Co-op of Central Texas)
RBECRoller Bearing Engineering Committee
RBECResource Based Earth Collective
RBECRat Brain-Derived Endothelial Cells (neuropathology)
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Ambas comunidades se encuentran ubicadas en el cinturon de bosque de niebla de la RBEC, entre los 900 y 1 300 msnm, en una porcion de la Sierra Madre Oriental conocida como Sierra de Guatemala.
Este estudio permitio comprobar que el conocimiento etnobotanico se encuentra disperso entre los diferentes grupos de edad, donde cada grupo etario es poseedor de una pequena porcion de los diversos conocimientos sobre plantas utiles en el bosque de niebla en la RBEC.
Localizacion de las comunidades involucradas en la presente investigacion, RBEC, Gomez Farias, Tamaulipas, Mexico
En los ultimos anos, la demanda de hojas de palma camedor en el mercado nacional e internacional ha aumentado en mas del 100%, por lo cual el gobierno estatal de Tamaulipas ha promovido en la RBEC la instalacion in-situ de cultivos agroforestales certificados.
The RBEC system works by using bacteria to catalyse either an anodic or cathodic reaction at a conductive electrode surface.
Mr Cheng says the RBEC project is truly interdisciplinary, involving not only biotechnology, but electrochemistry and material science.
New curriculum refers to a curriculum that contains standard or RBEC subjects such as English, Filipino and other subjects that are not yet incorporated in the current curriculum of madaris.
54" of the seven indicators implies that the respondents are in favor of the infusion of standard or RBEC subjects in the traditional madrasah curriculum.
Project providesoverall framework for implementation of RBEC Gender Equality Strategy with strong focus on cross practice collaboration, capacity development and knowledge management.
Neither the RBECS nor the JACS program is capable of supporting advanced communications equipment such as Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS).
Because of the deficiencies in RBECS and JACS and other factors, the Military Communications Electronics Board (MCEB) authorized the development of a new JCEOI program in early 2004.