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001) as a result of the performance tests before as well as after RBML (Table 1).
001) in the concentration of lactate in the blood plasma of the subjects induced by the performance tests on both occasions, before and after RBML (Table 1).
The net loss of body water is considered to be the main mechanism through which RBML is achieved within a limited time period (Wilmore, 2000).
The nutritional data of our subjects show that in addition to the overall food energy consumption, the carbohydrate intake was also very low during the RBML period.
The main finding of the present study was a significant reduction in Wtot performed during the 3-min muscle endurance test after RBML in comparison with the value in Test 1.
Thus, our finding extends the current knowledge about the effects of RBML demonstrating that it reduces physical performance capacity even during short periods of high intensity exercise.
1990) examined RBML on isokinetic performance of the knee joint in wrestlers and observed no effect of a 5% RBML on knee extension or flexion peak torque at both fast and slow velocities.
These facts suggest that the cause of the impairment of muscle endurance capacity in our subjects was rather the self-selected regimen of RBML than the extent of RBML.
Hence, the unchanged blood lactate response to the performance tests should not be taken as evidence about maintenance of muscle glycogen stores during RBML.
Hence, the increase in ammonia accumulation in blood may reflect a tendency towards impaired capacity for adenosine triphosphate resynthesis and an increased rate of adenine nucleotide degradation in intensely contracting skeletal muscle after RBML.
The increase in the concentration of urea in plasma accompanied by RBML confirms our earlier findings (Oopik et al.
The data of the present study reveal that the acute effect of the self-selected regimen of RBML is impaired muscle performance.