RBMPRiver Basin Management Plan
RBMPRiver Basin Management Programme (EU and China)
RBMPRoll Back Malaria Partnership
RBMPRegional Business Meeting Point (Slovenia)
RBMPRotating Basin Monitoring Program (Oklahoma)
RBMPRecommended Best Management Practices (various organizations and companies)
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The EA's early stakeholder participation efforts during the Ribble pilot have focused on the development of a vision statement to guide the preparation of a prototype RBMP for the Ribble, which will be published in 2007.
6) Members of the stakeholder forum were chosen by the EA to contribute to the vision-building process and the ongoing development of the Ribble RBMP, and included around S0 individuals from key local and regional stakeholder groups.
assisting the development of the prototype Ribble RBMP.
Despite being well funded and conducted by an enthusiastic and professional competent authority, the Ribble pilot has provided evidence to suggest that undertaking effective RBMP stakeholder participation procedures will be a challenging task.
Stakeholder participation in the preparation of RBMPs, and in other water management actions related to achieving the WFD's goals, can potentially deliver a range of benefits, including strengthening decision-making, generating resource savings, and helping to build consensus between stakeholders.
Regarding the first RBMP were implemented procedures for Environmental Assessment (EA) under the Law on Environmental Protection (EPA) and rating (AA) according to the Biological Diversity Act (BDA).
After inclusion in the river basin management plans of the appropriate suggestions from the public consultation and the conditions and measures of EA Opinion, as well as drawing up environmental assessments prepared RBMP finally adopted by the Council of Ministers and report to the EC in 2016
RBMP concern for achieving and maintaining good status of surface and groundwater in surface waters include coastal waters.
Along with the preparation and publication of the draft river basin management plans should be drawn up and their environmental assessment to be discussed with the public during the public consultation on the RBMPs (by March 2016).
WWF s ambition is that the 2015 RBMP contains measures sufficient to get 50% of rivers to GES under the WFD by 2021.
To demonstrate civil society governance, with local and regional civil society groups empowered in WFD advocacy and engaged in RBMP development; and
Based on the RBMPs, each EU Member State is also required to formulate a 'programme of measures' for the river basin areas that are located within its territory.