RBMTRivermead Behavioural Memory Test
RBMTRobert Bouffler Music Trust (East Surrey, England)
RBMTReliability Baseline Measurement Test
RBMTRhythm-Based Music Therapy
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Another reason for choosing the RBMT approach is the nature of the languages involved in our experiments (Slovenian paired with Serbian, Czech, English and Estonian language).
Last but not least reason for using an RBMT machine translation system is the chance for the linguistic experts to further refine the results of the automatically produced data and thus to be able to improve the system in a controlled way.
The first category includes RBMT as one of the techniques that rely heavily on linguistic knowledge.
This led to the development of a hybrid system which incorporates both techniques--EBMT and RBMT.
However, Wills, Clare, Shiel, and Wilson (2000) investigated the performance of individuals with brain injuries, who had obtained RBMT scores within the normal range, when assessed at least 6 months previously, on an extended version of the test.
RBMT provides more of a human element to the translation because the rules are userdefined based on an understanding of the target language.