RBMTRivermead Behavioural Memory Test
RBMTRobert Bouffler Music Trust (East Surrey, England)
RBMTReliability Baseline Measurement Test
RBMTRhythm-Based Music Therapy
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Destaca-se, inicialmente, que este foi o primeiro ano em que a nossa RBMT completou quatro edicoes, passando da antiga semestralidade para a quadrimestralidade e, desta, saltando para a trimestralidade.
Another reason for choosing the RBMT approach is the nature of the languages involved in our experiments (Slovenian paired with Serbian, Czech, English and Estonian language).
Estudos brasileiros vem demonstrando que a RBMT mantem suas propriedades psicometricas junto a populacao idosa brasileira (Yassuda et al.
2005) showed the negative effect of tranquilizers on prospective memory using one of the prospective memory tasks from the RBMT.
In RBMT "Story" (delayed recall), we also observed a significant time effect between T1 and T2 (higher scores indicate more correctly reproduced text components); the interaction effect failed to meet the adjusted a-level, although both RBMT parameters (immediate and delayed recall) revealed a concordant tendency: the NPT group (which had the lowest baseline scores) improved much more than did the CG.
However, Wills, Clare, Shiel, and Wilson (2000) investigated the performance of individuals with brain injuries, who had obtained RBMT scores within the normal range, when assessed at least 6 months previously, on an extended version of the test.
Subjects who scored less than 10 on RBMT picture recognition, less than 8 on RBMT orientation and less than 14 on Raven's Matrices were identified.
RBMT provides more of a human element to the translation because the rules are userdefined based on an understanding of the target language.
Previous studies have reported that chronological age exhibits a significant influence on the RBMT scores (Wilson et al.
This study reports RBMT normative data for 131 elderly, nondementing, community dwelling volunteers in New Zealand, in three age specific bands: 60-69, 70-79, 80-89 years.
Mas, neste momento, buscamos (re)iluminar esses conceitos, como uma forma de convidar a todos para que leiam, divulguem e publiquem na RBMT, pois ela e--cada vez mais--abrangente e inclusiva