RBNZReserve Bank of New Zealand
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The monetary policy mandate of the RBNZ is not a narrow one.
While the RBNZ can afford itself the flexibility to accommodate changes in policy, the Fed will never have this type of flexibility to shift policy so suddenly and this would create havoc on the global markets.
And for all banks, the RBNZ estimates that investment loans would make up approximately 25% of total loans, suggesting that such loans could comprise 10%-20% of the total loans of the four majors.
In the RBNZ act of 1987, the objectives of monetary policy in New Zealand were changed from a list of multiple objectives (economic growth, full employment, balance of payments equilibrium, and price stability) to the single objective of price stability.
The RBNZ calculates the MCI as the weighted sum of the 90-day bank bill rate (NZ90) and the Trade Weighted Exchange Rate Index (TWI).
A cambio de ese compromiso publico, el Gobernador del RBNZ obtiene independencia absoluta del gobierno: es su responsabilidad alcanzar esa meta de inflacion y no tiene que consultar con nadie en el gobierno el como lograrlo.
Massimo Arrighetti, CEO of SIA, said, With RBNZ, the number of central banks in the world which have decided to use SIAs technologies to develop their own payment infrastructures has risen to 14, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and now also Oceania.
Commenting on the launch, RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler said 'while the banknotes are technologically sophisticated and difficult to counterfeit, they are also aesthetically pleasing.
The positive news is that the RBNZ expects that inflation is to likely pick up in the medium term, as the impact of the decline in the price of oil which has had a deflationary effect subsides.
RBNZ Deputy Governor Grant Spencer noted in the bank's Financial Stability Report that the forecast payout from Fonterra, New Zealand's biggest dairy exporter, for the current year has dropped to NZ$5.
The stronger-than-expected increase for 2Q suggests inflation is not as benign as the RBNZ (Reserve bank of New Zealand) would like," ASB Bank economist Christina Leung said in a note to clients.
Under the MoU, the RBNZ will provide any liquidity support to the NZX treating the clearing house 'as a systemically important financial infrastructure.