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RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RBOCRecreational Boaters of California
RBOCRandom Bullets of Crap
RBOCRapid Bloom Off-Board Chaff
RBOCRate-Based Overload Control
RBOCRapid-Blooming Off-Board Countermeasures
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If the electronic security industry is already competitive and affords no opportunities for monopolization, then there should be no reason to bar RBOC entry.
Section III analyzes current policy regarding RBOC entry into the information services.
Beset with their own problems, RBOC executives profess to seek cooperation themselves.
One RBOC executive, Donald MacKenzie, president of Nynex Information Resources and chairman of the Yellow Pages Publishers Association, noted that, on average, fewer than 50% of businesses in most markets actually pay for yellow page advertising.
Forecasts for deployment scenarios for each of the RBOCs.
Al Moses, a former RBOC member, said the NFL has one choice in Los Angeles.
We are extremely pleased with the addition of the three RBOC collocations.
Metrobility Optical Systems today announced that Home Telephone Company has selected Metrobility's Ethernet access solution to provide managed Ethernet services to local government and business, and to create a managed demarcation point between Home Telephone and the neighboring RBOC network to better serve customers by simplifying their service deployments and ensuring high quality of service.
A similar Radiance device acts as a secure Gigabit demarcation between Home Telephone's core router and the neighboring RBOC network.
There is a recent and dramatic change in RBOC purchasing habits.
NEBS certification is mandated by the RBOC and large ILEC communities and without this approval it would have been almost impossible to expand our business in this, the largest market for our product.