RBPFRoyal Barbados Police Force
RBPFRao-Blackwellised Particle Filter (also seen as RB-PF)
RBPFRoyal Bahamian Police Force
RBPFRotor Bar Pass Frequency (mechanical engineering)
RBPFRegional Brain Parenchymal Fraction (multiple sclerosis)
RBPFRaritan Biological Production Facility (Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation; Raritan, NJ)
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The United States sent RBPF officers for anti-gang operations training and homicide investigation training at the International Law Enforcement Academy in San Salvador.
2004:11); previously worked for the RBPF, BSPC and the PWD (BTO Sa.
For example, the United States provided the RBPF a new 41-foot interceptor vessel in March to increase maritime capabilities in and around Nassau.
Dato Setia James Richard Henry Burns (1916-2002), Commissioner of the RBPF from 12 August 1966 until 1975 (BGG 24.
Though the RBPF Marine Unit has effectively refurbished and maintained its marine vessels, it has not received additional funding for new law enforcement specific vessels.
RSS aircraft, the RBPF Marine Unit patrol vessel, and the Barbados Coast Guard patrol vessels are the main enforcement assets used by law enforcement to monitor seaborne illegal narcotics movements.
To reduce the number of illegal weapons on the street, the RBPF initiated a gun take-back program in October that included amnesty for the voluntary surrender of weapons.
The RBDF and RBPF conducted maritime smuggling and security patrols with a variety of small to medium-sized vessels based throughout The Bahamas.
RSS aircraft, the RBPF Marine Unit patrol vessels, and the Barbados Coast Guard patrol vessels are the main enforcement assets used by the Drug Squad to monitor the illegal movement of narcotics by sea.
In 2009, the RBPF Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) cooperated closely with U.
The RBPF reports, for the period January 1 to October 15, 2009, a total of 3,989 kilograms of marijuana were seized, including 22 kilograms by sea.