RBPTRose Bengal Plate Test
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All the samples were subjected to RBPT, STAT and I- ELISA, the results of which are presented.
It was observed that 99 samples exclusively tested positive by I- ELISA, but negative by RBPT and STAT.
16 per cent prevalence by RBPT and STAT in certain parts of Jammu region and Kotwal (2000), who observed zero prevalence in certain land locked cold arid regions of Ladakh.
The serum samples of all the persons who were clinically suspected was collected and screened by RBPT, which showed positivity in 42.
5% of the participants were positive by RBPT, and diagnosis was established in 26.
The main serological test used for brucellosis diagnosis is the RBPT which is a screening test (Blasco et al.
The RBPT was performed as described in the Office International des Epizooties (OIE)'s manual (www.
The serum samples found to be positive by the RBPT were subjected to a B.
The sensitivity of RBPT is high but the specificity can be disappointingly low (Barroso-Garcia et al 2002 and Kiel and Khan, 1987).
A total of 100 serum samples, 50 each from males and females were collected and examined through RBPT, SAT and c-ELISA; 21, 21 and 13 sera were found positive for brucellosis, respectively, by these tests.
Highest prevalence of brucellosis was detected in camels by RBPT and SAT, however, there are chances of false positive due to cross reaction with antibodies of other bacterial species whereas the c-ELISA is more reliable than two aforementioned tests.
20% in 3849 goats from different states in the country by RBPT and SAT (20).