RBarReceiver-Based Auto Rate
RBarRigid Bar
RBARradioligand binding assay of receptors
RBARReinforcing Bars
RBaRRed Beans and Rice
RBARRed Bull Air Race
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Following a three-year hiatus in order to improve safety and reorganise its calendar, the 2014 RBAR World Championship will feature several improvements and safety features including standardengines and propellers for all pilots, changes to the lightweight nylon pylon material, which make them even easier to burst apart when clipped by plane wings, and raising pylon heights from 20 to 25m.
The authors in [26] proposed a scheme which essentially relies on RBAR with a modification that a sender has to specify the loss tolerance of the transported traffic in order that the receiver uses both this information and the current channel estimation to select the appropriate transmission mode.
The transmission rate for these frames is selected using ARF like rate-adaptation schemes, where as for the actual data-frames, FAR proposed the use of RBAR.