RCFGRegional Computer Forensic Group
RCFGRaven Crowking's Fantasy Game (gaming)
RCFGRidley College Family Guild (Canada)
RCFGResearch Centre for Fuel Generation (Mumbai, India)
RCFGRound CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Fan Grill (computer part)
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The initial investment was made by all the founding members of RCFG UAE and in terms of expansion we are trying to operate within our means, but if we were ever to receive an influx of capital, then we would create a plan to expand rapidly.
If a student graduates from RCFG UAE with greater confidence to perform, and wants to form her own band, then we have done our job.
RCFG UAE receives regular advice and updates from the mentors at the original rock camp for girls in Portland, Oregon and has recently applied to join the internationally accredited Girls Rock Camp Alliance.