RCFIRobust Comparative Fit Index
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He then praised the Afriland First Bank Liberia Ltd for its support to, and partnership with, the RCFIs.
The fit indices for the three factors indicated adequate fit, with RCFI values higher than .
As can be seen in table 2, four factor improved model showed better RCFI and NNFI indexes than three factor improved model (.
2] Cronbach Servicio V1 0,675 0,456 0,765 V5 0,734 0,538 V6 0,737 0,543 V7 0,549 0,302 V8 0,568 0,323 Atencion V2 0,675 0,456 0,787 V3 0,897 0,805 V4 0,608 0,370 Estrategia V9 0,661 0,437 0,690 V10 0,888 0,789 V11 0,459 0,235 Precio V12 0,912 0,831 -- Variable Variable Fiabilidad latente medida compuesta Bondad ajuste Servicio V1 0,790 [ji al cuadrado] = 81,96 V5 (p=0,0022) V6 BBNFI = 0,839 V7 BBNNFI = 0,877 V8 CFI = 0,909 Atencion V2 0,776 RCFI = 0,926 V3 GFI = 0,902 V4 AGFI = 0,843 Estrategia V9 0,721 RMSEA = 0,085 V10 V11 Precio V12 -- TABLA 4.
Confirmatory factor analysis of Self-efficacy scores yielded support for the single factor model before the first tiebreak competition (Robust Confirmatory Fit Index: RCFI = .
He said the UAE Red Crescent Authority, in collaboration with the Relief and Charitable Foundation of India, RCFI, drilled 1,710 wells in various states of India, including Gujarat, Kashmir, Karnataka, Bengal, Bihar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu with the adoption of modern technologies and the benefit of tens of thousands of poor families living in a difficult environment.
RCFI is also soliciting consents to certain proposed amendments to the indenture governing the Notes.
New York City time, on June 13, 2013, unless extended or earlier terminated by RCFI (the "Expiration Time).
Lastly, the RCFI also compares the existing model fit with a null model, which specifies no relationship among the observed variables.
RCFI had teamed up with the UAE Red Crescent 10 years ago, during which time it had received support to build houses, mosques and primary schools and start a feeding programme, among other things.
10 Ajuste Incremental Indicador Valor recomendado Valor NFI NFI>0,9 0,959 NNFI NNFI>0,9 0,940 CFI CFI>0,9 0,968 RCFI RCFI>0,9 0,977 Ajuste de Parsimonia Indicador Valor recomendado Valor [ji]_ normada [1, 5] 2,886 Tabla 6.