RCFTRey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial (psychology)
RCFTRational Conformal Field Theory
RCFTResidential Construction Framing Technician (program; Canada)
RCFTRespiratory Care Foundation of Texas (Dallas, TX)
RCFTRough Antigen Complement Fixation Test (diagnostics)
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sup][44] The improvements in RCFT indicated that the WM skills on both grasping the structural concepts [sup][45] and the detailed segments [sup][46] of the complex stimuli were better after the EF training program.
No significant correlations were found between the RCFT and the URICA or the RCR.
TABLE 2 Descriptive analysis of the RCR, the URICA, the WAIS subtests, WCST, and RCFT (n = 113) Scores Mean [+ or -] SD Readiness ruler 7.
Between the BDI score and the RCFT recovery percentile (immediate recall), we found a moderate correlation (r = .
In addition, when comparing the results with the RCFT reference values established for the Brazilian population, the percentile for time to copy the figure was significantly higher for OCD patients who presented the sexual/religious dimension than for those who did not.
On the RCFT, the severity of OCS in the aggression dimension resulted in longer times to copy the figure, to recall the figure and to reproduce the figure from memory, suggesting impaired planning ability.
Patients presenting with neuropsychiatric syndromes have exhibited performance deficits on the RCFT.
Correlation analysis was used to determine the strength of associations between age, educational level, handedness and RCFT variables (i.
To illustrate the relation between age, education, and RCFT variables, participants were separated into seven age groups and further subdivided by level of formal education.
Abbreviations: mTBI = mild traumatic brain injury, OIF/OEF = Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, RBANS = Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status, RCFT = Rey Complex Figure Test, SD = standard deviation, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
As well as assessing visuospatial constructional skills and mnemonic functions, the RCFT provides information about a child's organisation, planning and problem solving skills (Karapetsas & Kantas, 1991) by evaluating the manner in which the child reproduces the figure.
Meyer and Meyer (1995) have developed more specific and detailed criteria for scoring the RCFT and have gathered comprehensive normative data.