RCHARoyal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCHARutgers Center for Historical Analysis (New Jersey)
RCHARanch Cutting Horse Association (Holliday, TX)
RCHARegistered Care Homes Association (UK)
RCHARolette County Housing Authority (Rolette, ND)
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Attrux is currently a Battery Sergeant Major with 1 RCHA.
9) On February 6, 1952, in Korea, 2 RCHA commemorated the accession of Queen Elizabeth II.
7) The RCHA wound theirs from the top down, the rest of us from the boots up.
How did the RCHA differ around the ankles from most of the service?
I took over the number two gun of A Troop, A Battery, 1 RCHA from Sgt.
Cotter, who served with the RCHA, was subjected to DDT, and possibly other harmful elements.
The RCHA suffered more casualties on that day than it would during an entire year of action in Korea.
B Company, in particular, encountered heavy fire, and was able to move aided by fire support from 2 RCHA, typified by the FOO who continued to direct fire despite severe wounds, and his signaller, Lance Corporal Mort Dorman, who carried on with the work under heavy fire.