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RCVRRelative Coronary Flow Velocity Reserve (circulation)
RCVRRenal Cortical Vascular Resistance (cardiovascular medicine)
RCVRRegional Cerebral Vascular Resistance (neurovascular medicine)
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In RCVR, he's free to explain the history of Motorola in a nonconventional way.
Thanks to that fortunate combination of elements, RCVR was a huge hit immediately after launch.
That success means that van Eyssen will have the chance to continue the RCVR story with Season 2.
One of the comparisons that's been made with RCVR is The X-Files, and, of course, it was going to be an obvious comparison.
For him, the success of RCVR isn't just a personal milestone, but a marker for the whole industry.
What I learned from RCVR is that we can build a franchise online.
The success of RCVR and other online blockbusters is good for the future of online entertainment: "I think there's going to be no difference between the internet and television in five years time," says van Eyssen.