RDICResource Development International Cambodia
RDICRobust Device, Interconnect, and Circuits (workshop)
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At the meeting, RDIC board member Michael Sullivan also announced that past selectman and RDIC board member Don D'Auteuil is resigning, although an official resignation has not yet been submitted.
Although the RDIC is charged with deciding what will happen to the property, any development that would require the town to borrow money would have to be approved by voters at town meeting and the ballot box.
In the meantime, the RDIC will request further acoustic and visual impact studies as well as conducting charettes, meetings with residents, to gather ideas about potential uses of the site and to gauge the level of support for erecting wind turbines.
Thomas Dufault, chairman of the RDIC, said he felt it was worth moving forward with the study, even though the wind modeling maps indicate that wind speed at the site map may be too low to be economically feasible.
They are exploring the possibility of restoring the railway connection between Rdics and Lendva that was terminated decades ago, and based on an inter-governmental agreement, two smaller border crossing points will be installed on the borders of the two countries by 2020.