RDIHRadial Diffusion Immune Haemolysis Method
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Step 3: for mixed JPEG decompressed images with N kinds of different quality factors in the training set, extract certain steganalytic features (such as WAM, LLTCF, LLTPDF, RDIH, 1D and CAM), and then train the steganalyzer [SA.
For our experiments, two targeted steganalyzers (named LLTCF [11] and RDIH [12]) for LSB matching steganography, one targeted steganalyzer (named CAM [13]) designed for LSB matching steganography in JPEG decompressed images, one blind steganalyzer (named 1D [14]) for additive noise steganography in JPEG decompressed images and two blind steganalyzers (named WAM [15] and LLTPDF [16]) are taken into consideration.
Minimal average decision errors (%) of two FA-steganalyzers (S1 and S2) equipped with an error-free forensics classifier A (L1) and a mixed steganalyzer (S3) at four different embedding rates for different steganalyzers Embedding Steganalyzer Rate WAM LLTCF LLTPDF RDIH LLTCF LLTCF +1D +CAM 10% S2 14.