RDJRobert Downey Jr.
RDJRio De Janeiro (Brazil)
RDJRichard D. James (musician, see AFX)
RDJRègle du Jeu (French: Rules of the Game)
RDJRadio des Jeunes (French: Youth Radio)
RDJRoute des Jeunes (French: Road of Youth; various locations)
RDJRandom and Deterministic Jitter
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At a speed of roughly 740 courses per minute and a working width of 138", the RDJ 5/1 can produce the fabric for up to 150 pairs of shoes per hour - much more than can be produced by circular weft knitting machines, not to mention flat weft knitting machines.
Of course Guru-Murthy will be pleased because he'll think it was his fearless interrogation that made RDJ walk out on him, when the truth it was because he's a bit of a jerk.
De igual forma se pronuncia la jurisprudencia chilena, por todas, RDJ T.
A previsibilidade do retorno americano RDJ nao sofreu interferencias dos mercados do Reino Unido e Japao, mas ajudou a melhorar significativamente a previsibilidade dos retornos dos indices RFTS e RNIK desses mercados.
It remains to be seen whether next year's sequel can match this, but with Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke on board (as well as RDJ and Paltrow), for one viewer at least, it will be THE film to see in May 2010.
Mitchell RDJ, Thorburn PJ, Larsen P (2000) Quantifying the loss of nutrients from the immediate area when sugarcane residues are burnt.
Two new innovations in the RD range of machines were demonstrated at the technology show in Changzhou City, RDJ 5/1 and RD 7/2-12 EN, each with new machine gauges.
Commission des droits Accueillie 200-09-000425-956 de la personne du Quebec c (1er septembre 1995) Commission scolaire de [1995] RDJ 590 Jean-Rivard, [1995] RJQ (CA Qc) 2245, 1995 CanLII 3139.
Glad it's confirmed that he's back--without RDJ those movies would have probably still been hits, but not by any means blockbusters (plus the ire of the fans would have sunk them pretty quickly).
RDJ, who got the loudest cheer as he spent 20-odd minutes chatting to fans and looked uber-cool in a Vivienne Westwood suit.
The eight time member of parliament saw his political stock going down after he sided with the RDJ chief Lalu Prasad Yadav in their combined bid to force the Congress party to play the role of a junior partner in Bihar during Lok Sabha elections.
But RDJ - as he's known in the industry - has an uncanny ability to weather whatever storm comes his way.