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RDLReport Definition Language
RDLRadio Design Labs (professional audio manufacturing)
RDLRégie du Logement (French; Canadian housing authority)
RDLReimer Digital Library (General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library)
RDLRomanian Dead Lift (athletics)
RDLRockefeller Drug Laws
RDLRadio Data Link
RDLRemote Desktop License (Microsoft)
RDLReportable Detection Limit
RDLRadio Dreyeckland Libre (German radio station)
RDLRiddell Sports, Inc. (stock symbol)
RDLReliable Detection Limit
RDLRole Definition Language
RDLRewrite and Decision procedure Laboratory
RDLRevenus Disponibles Localisés (French: Localized Available Income)
RDLRe-Distribution Layer
RDLRe-Useable Data Language
RDLRaleigh Dart League (North Carolina)
RDLRoyal Drugs Limited (Nepal)
RDLRapid Deployment Launcher
RDLRythmes et Danses Lucéens (French dance school)
RDLRail Dynamics Laboratory
RDLReal Dirty Look (Marine slang)
RDLRadar Doesn't Lie
RDLRéalisation et Diffusion de Logiciels (French: Production and Distribution Software)
RDLRefrigerated Display Lighting (commercial lighting)
RDLReal Decreto Legislativo (Spanish: Royal Decree)
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A plan that we are working on with our colleagues in the Treasury is actually to charge zero IDF, zero RDL on raw materials initially to start with, and then we load that revenue shortfall on raw materials into finished goods," Mr Mohamed said.
with a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication,' adds Leonora, current president and CEO of RDL, whose colorful life moored in tenacity is featured in a biography titled 'Leonora: The Woman Behind the Rise of a Davao-based Business Empire'.
For example, engineers can perform a feasibility study of different numbers of package layers, while considering the routing of the RDL on the IC side and the escape route on the PCB side in a single design view.
Considering the average RDL of 'Tommy Atkins' mango, regardless of management strategy under micro-sprinklers (Figure 4A), the RDL is included in the 2.
Dan Ihrke used several of the RDL prototypes--as you read this, the units are just now coming on the market--during the outdoor session of the training seminar.
Following the forfeiture VOG, through RDL, will have a 95% interest and SNH will have the remaining 5% interest.
RDL 8/2010 lays down a number of deductions on the price of medicinal products and medical devices financed by the Spanish Healthcare System.
The group had also successfully integrated construction logistics group RDL Distribution and home delivery company Lane Group, he added.
The current ARTEP/MTPs that are located on the Reimer Digital Library (RDL) are scheduled to be removed from the RDL (TBD).
I know that the winners of the RDL of the Year Awards worked exceptionally hard for their accomplishments, and we are very proud of their efforts.
Between them the two firms now employ 50 people and operate a 53-strong vehicle fleet, with customers including RMC, Tarmac, Lafarge Aggregates, Bardon Concrete, Hanson, RDL, Alpha Steel and Celsa Manufacturing UK.
At that time, the Brazilian Navy (BN) donated to the EW Laboratory of ITA a RDL ESM retired from the BN frigate Liberal.