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RDMLRapid Development and Maintenance Language
RDMLRelational Data Manipulation Language (databases)
RDMLRear Admiral Lower Half
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RDML Tiongson closed out the impactful day with a positive message, reminding us that, "your efforts have an incredible impact on our organization, and as we move forward remember to integrate and innovate for a bold future.
We then carried out qPCR reactions for all forward/reverse combinations [1200 reactions; see RDML file 3 (results) and Table 3 (mismatch frequencies) in the online Data Supplement].
Pictured left to right, CAPT Jim Dolan, Commanding Officer FISCPS; RDML James Caldwell, Commander, Submarine Group NINE; ENS Jamie Talbott, youngest Supply Corps officer in attendance; Retired RADM Jamie Kelly, guest speaker; RDML James Symonds, Commander, Navy Region Northwest, and RDML Joseph Aucoin, Commander, Carrier Strike Group THREE.
Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Group, RDML Brian Prindle, stated in a recent safety message that "following the plan the first time, every time, is our path to continued success, and will improve our safety culture across the force.
Mech recently visited the Navy's senior greenshirt--Assistant Commander for Logistics, RDML Michael Bachmann--to check on the Navy's progress in developing "smart" aircraft systems and to review their potential safety benefits.
Cutting-edge presentations on traumatic brain injury, mental & behavioral health, pre-deployment, rehab & veteran's care to be delivered by a stellar faculty, including RDML Michael H.
The next deputy commander of the JFHQ-DODIN will be Navy RDML Kathleen M.
RDML Patricia Wolfe, Combined Task Force 48, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, visits operations in Haiti.
RDML William "Dean" Lee, USCG, Commander, Coast Guard District 5 is going to lay out District 5 Command's vision and priorities for 2011.
Romeo Gan and of the US led multinational force, RDML Babette Bolivar of the US Navy, who were also both present in the ceremony, share similar sentiments that the Pacific Partnership emphasized on the cooperation and mutual support of the two countries and other partners in dire circumstances such as natural calamities that often strikes the region.
It was also a time of leadership transition within the NAVSUP Enterprise at COMFISCS and NEXCOM, with RADM Heinrich and RDML Romano assuming command respectively.