RDMPReliable DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) Multicast Protocol
RDMPRelational Database Management Program
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Then, the proposed RDMP architecture will be explained.
The proposed RDMP based on the selected ML algorithm will be defined in the next section.
The fourth section will show the experiment and simulation results of the proposed RDMP framework.
Accordingly, RDMP framework for ADAS shall focus on the failure indicators of different subsystems in ADAS.
In the below sub-sections, the factors/attributes, that are most likely suitable to be utilized by the RDMP framework, will be proposed in order to help in the RUL and failures prediction of some ADAS' sensors.
Along with the existence of these symptoms the RDMP framework should also take into account the number of kilometers driven and accumulative time of cameras operation in each record.
Actually, there are no straight forward failure factors that could be considered by the RDMP framework in calculating the RUL of the ultrasonic sensors.
Of course, the effectiveness of RDMP based on MLA will depend on how feature vector parameters/attributes will be selected, weighted and this is the responsibility of the manufacturer system experts.
The RDMP shall analyze the collected data from the vehicle sensors and measure the response of the actuators to detect the potential failures in the overall ADAS system behavior (black box scope), such as the overall system inappropriate response time for collision avoidance in different situations (response time evaluation of Automatic Emergency Braking system (AEB) using RDMPEmbedded software).
This research proposes to use RDMP-Server as part of the RDMP framework to received records from vehicles equipped with ADAS.
These five refineries would also increase their output of polyethylene (PE), propylene, polypropylene (PP), and paraxylene as a result of the RDMP - thus boosting Pertamina's petrochemical sector (see down12IndnsPetch23Mar15).
First announced in 2013, the RDMP specifically intends to equip the five refineries to process heavier, less expensive crude oils in order to improve their economic performance.