RDSPRegistered Disability Savings Plan (Canada)
RDSPRegistered Development Savings Plan
RDSPRapid Decision-Making and Synchronization Process
RDSPRadius of Dynamics Sphere
RDSPRadio Access Network Data Synchronization Protocol
RDSPRepeat Deliberate Self-Poisoning (psychiatry)
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Contributions to the RDSP are not tax deductible and can be made until the end of the year in which the beneficiary turns 59.
There's advice on how to develop self-calming strategies, better sleep routines, and good eating habits, plus helpful tips on meeting the needs of siblings and parents of children with RDSP.
Parents with children who have trouble calming themselves, who are overly sensitive to outside stimuli, or who exhibit other symptoms of RDSP will find this book affirming despite its somewhat academic tone.
BMO Financial Group, said, 'At the end of January we have set up more than 3,000 RDSP accounts from coast to coast.
The bank is believed to be the first to offer RDSP services, a new federal government initiative introduced to enhance the long-term financial security of people with disabilities, to Canadians.
The maximum annual amount for the CDSB would be $1,000 and would be paid to an RDSP where family net income does not exceed $20,883.