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RDTRéseau de Développement Technologique (French)
RDTRuby Development Tools
RDTRapid Diagnostic Test
RDTRight Defensive Tackle (pro football)
RDTRegistered Drama Therapist
RDTReliable Data Transfer
RDTRubyeclipse Development
RDTRandom Drug Testing
RDTRepubblica Democratica Tedesca (Italian)
RDTRemote Digital Terminal (Bellcore)
RDTRaindance Technologies, Inc
RDTRapid Deployment Team (FBI)
RDTReal Data Transport
RDTReliability Demonstration Test
RDTRepertory Dance Theater
RDTRollback-Dependency Trackability
RDTRassemblement pour la Démocratie à la Télévision (French: Rally for Democracy in Television)
RDTRemote Data Terminal (HP)
RDTRestricted Data Transmissions (hacker group)
RDTRadio Digital Terminal
RDTRégie Départementale des Transports (French regional public transportation body)
RDTRadio Dor de Tara (Romania)
RDTRisque Décision Territoire (French: Risk Decision Territory; research program; Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea)
RDTReliability Demonstration Testing
RDTRegional Directors' Team (United Nations)
RDTRapid Deployment Training
RDTReally Deep Thoughts
RDTReservoir Description Tool (Halliburton)
RDTRadleys Discovery Technologies
RDTRoving Diver Technique
RDTRobotics & Digital Technology
RDTRim Driven Thruster (marine)
RDTRecall Dial Tone
RDTRepository of Dangerous Things (web comic)
RDTRemote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd
RDTRussian Dictionary Tree
RDTRwanda Development Trust
RDTRadio Data Technology Limited (UK)
RDTReliability Development Test
RDTRead Date Time
RDTRay Detection Technologies Ltd
RDTRotational Directional Transmission
RDTRural Development Training
RDTRemote Debriefing Tool
RDTRelationship Defining Talk
RDTRhabdoid Tumor
RDTRossington Development Trust (UK)
RDTResearch Demonstrates That
RDTRally Drivers Team
RDTRotary Drum Thickener
RDTRequirements Design and Traceability
RDTRegional Decision Team
RDTRemote Display Terminal
RDTRate Distortion Theory
RDTRecycling Design and Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd
RDTRéception et Décompte des Travaux (French: Receiving and Counting Works; France)
RDTRosette Drilling Tool
RDTRemaining Dentine Thickness (endodontics)
RDTRapidly Developing Thunderstorm
RDTRanger Design Team
RDTRemote Distributed Testing (Adtech)
RDTResearch Distinction Track (medicine)
RDTRice Dance Theater (Houston, Texas)
RDTRandom Destination Ticket (gaming)
RDTRejestr Dluzników Transportowych
RDTRemote Data Transmitter
RDTRassemblement pour la Démocratie et le Travail (French: Rally for Democracy and Labor (Mali)
RDTRapid Decentralization Techniques
RDTReserve Duty Training
RDTRapid Decelleration Trauma
RDTRadio Diagnostic Tool
RDTRational Dog Training (website)
RDTReport and Decision Tracking (System)
RDTRight Downtown
RDTRights Description Table
RDTRotational Direction Transmission
RDTRudolph Diesel Technikum
RDTRegional District Technician
RDTRandom Discussion Thread
RDTReport Definition Table
RDTReport Definition Task
RDTRapid Dissolving Tablet (pharmacology)
RDTResource Discovery Tool
RDTRetail Display Tray
RDTRadial Decision Tree
RDTRhodopi Dramatichen Theatre (Bulgaria)
RDTRoddenberry Dive Team (scuba diving)
RDTRegulation Development Team (various organizations)
RDTRapid Deceleration Trauma
RDTRelational Database Technology (computing)
RDTResearch Development Team (various schools)
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RDT has been able to give young people access - many for the first time - to invaluable work experience and skills development opportunities and also to adopt attitudes and behaviours that have enabled them to secure permanent positions with a range of local employers entirely on merit.
Around 106 suspected Ebola patients in Sierra Leone were tested by both RDT (performed on a fingerstick blood sample at the point-of-care) and by standard RT-PCR (performed on plasma in the laboratory).
t] <25, RDT sensitivity for A(H7N9) specimens and seasonal influenza virus specimens was similar.
Operating for more than 15 years in remote medicine with a proven track record, RDT has established a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service while continuing to push boundaries with its state of the art engineering and design capabilities.
However RDT UK Foods Ltd will continue trading in the North East and supplying customers with quality produce initially through its van sales operation, but is already well advanced to purchase another smaller and manageable food producing unit, which should happen during the latter part of this week.
Ina small company like RDT, dividing offstage responsibilities among the dancers helps to keep the operating budget down.
Instead, in many respects, Welsh aerospace activities, with concentrations of manufacturing in North Wales and MRO in South Wales, plus RDT, continue to operate as separate constituent parts of aerospace clusters in neighbouring regions of England and farther afield.
Grahame Fever, commercial aviation sales director RDT, said: "We know from our existing Tempus customers and the in-flight trials with Etihad cabin crew that Tempus technology, with its unique ease-of-use help screens and features, makes a significant difference to quality and speed of on-board medical care.
We undertook this study as RDT end-user performance has not been rigorously investigated in the area.
The subjects were divided into two groups, one that was given a regular medical examination and diagnosed on the basis of symptoms only, and one that was also tested with RDT.
However, HRP2 remains detectable for weeks after effective treatment, limiting the use of this type of RDT in monitoring response to treatment, and complicating the interpretation of results in recently treated patients.
But RDT chairman Malcolm Clark said he took on Hemmans with full knowledge of the conviction.