RDTCRoni Deutch Tax Center
RDTCRising Dragon Tai Chi School (UK)
RDTCRegistered Deposit-Taking Company (Hong Kong)
RDTCReverse Digital Traffic Channel
RDTCRural Development Training Center (various locations)
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The first director of the RDTC was Professor Henning Grossman, who was succeeded by Professor John Masenga.
For instance, in 2013 Dr Kiprono, a former graduate of the RDTC MMed course, with further training in dermato-histopathology, assisted with teaching and reporting at the centre.
Every year in January there is a continuing medical education (CME) event at the RDTC, attended by many former graduates of both the ADDV and MMed courses as well as a large number of participants from other countries--from South Africa to the USA.
Both RDTC and Laughlin's focus is on the small business owners' needs.
Once the program was in place, the number of women participating in the RDTC went up nearly 40 per cent.
The RDTC is a therapeutic court that addresses drug addiction as an underlying cause of criminal activity.
Since November 2012, RDTC has produced in its own facility a self-developed sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 the Kilimanjaro Suncare and through outposts it has distributed it free of charge to 2,000 people suffering from albinism in North Tanzania.
RDTC wants to protect people with albinism from the extreme high sun radiation at the equator in the best possible way.
At the RDTC in Tanzania, occupational therapy training is followed by further training specific for leprosy at ALERT, which is then generalized and aimed at income generation for all those disabled.
According to its president, Manuel Garcia-Duran: This contract means a significant boost to our portfolio, in a key country for us, and adds value to the recent acquisition of 95% of the share capital of our Chilean subsidiary, Consorcio RDTC.
The first class at the RDTC will be comprised of over 25 officers representing nine major Chinese seaports.
The RDTC and its curriculum are impressive, and I was glad I was able to see them in person.